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We may live in the digital age, but we walk around a very real world. When people look up from their beloved smartphones, what do they experience? Encountering an environment that portrays the essence of a brand provides a more intimate experience between the occupants and the core values of the company. Brands become stronger when they are better communicated and understood. This is why we believe it is imperative to discover our clients' vision, mission and values as a whole, and utilize our findings in developing space that communicates to it's occupants. At Cevian, we believe brand can be portrayed in any part of the built environment through key touch points; from function and flow to signage and artwork, and everything in between. Cevian is devoted to advocating for our clients' vision and brand throughout the entire design process. 


Vision + strategy building

This phase involves setting the strategy for how patrons will experience your brand through space. We will utilize the evaluation from the exploratory stage in order to identify key touch points which will impactfully define the impression of your brand. We then develop guiding principals which are applied to every decision throughout the project moving forward.


interior programming

Identifying the required spaces and allotting square footage to those areas can be a tall order. We work with you to determine the best use of square footage in creating an efficient yet impactful space.


interior schematics + flow

Traffic patterns and room adjacencies can say a lot about a brand. Do your visitors encounter a soothing foyer and waiting area, or are they whisked into the vibrant atmosphere immediately upon entering the front door? Are your restrooms located at the front or the back of the space? It is our goal to reflect your brand's uniqueness while also utilizing space in the most efficient means possible. 


Finish Selection

The selected finishes, from ceiling to floor and everything in between, assists in creating an overall atmosphere that immerses the patrons into the brand. With aesthetics and functionality in mind, finish selection and strategic placement aids in fusing space and brand.


ff+e specification

Enter furniture, fixtures, and equipment: the space begins to transpose from just form to function. These pieces are designed for interaction, and it is important that this interaction endorses your brands personality and expression. The planning of placement and design of these pieces is imperative to the experience.


design documentation + Visual Rendering

We offer full construction documentation services through Revit modeling. Sometimes 2D plans and sample boards just don't cut it. We off space visualization through 3D interior modeling and renderings that bring future designs to life. These can be used as a valuable tool for visualizing and marketing a project.