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A Brand is the impression and reputation of one’s identity. Brands are orchestrated by the juxtaposition between the functional needs and the emotional needs of it’s audience. Successful brands balance function and emotion through key touch points that shape perception, creating memorable experiences, and ultimately influencing reputation. At Cevian, we believe finding that perfect balance requires a courageous partnership between client and design team, where we utilize our discovery tools to unveil the most impactful functional and emotional touch points in giving life to a brand.


EXPLORATORY Discovery + research

We must discover the people, places, and products that surround and influence your brand. To do this, we put our process into action to identify audience categories, user profiles, neighboring competition, culture, and opinions. We utilize qualitative and quantitative research methods and tools to deliver you with a clear picture of the things that are influencing your brand. Alongside the influential research, we will uncover what makes your brand unique. A successful brand clearly communicates it's unique characteristics and fulfills its promises to consumers. The question is: what are your unique promises?



This phase involves setting the strategy for how patrons will experience your brand. We will utilize the evaluation from the exploratory stage in order to identify key touch points which will impactfully define the impression of your brand. We can then strategically build a tailored system for your brand via messaging, graphical aesthetics, environments, products, packaging, and tools that give your brand a unique identity.



We utilize the established vision to strategically build your brand's identity and voice. Your brand identity is more than just a logo; it is a visual system created with typography, pattern, color, imagery and composition. Alongside your identity is a voice. This is how your brand will express and communicate to those that encounter it. It consists of the actual words, language style, and composition of the sentences you write. These two have the power of expressing your brand's unique personality. No one wants to hang out with a dull, tongue-tied commoner, right?



From pixels and paper, to threads and stitches - these pieces go out into the world broadcasting your brand. We utilize the established vision to design these pieces to work together to ensure they are effectively communicating your brand's uniqueness.



People actively interact with signage and artwork - it is important that the interaction endorses the brand's personality and expression. We will work together with consultants to develop signage and artwork to portray a consistent message for your brand.